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Don’t settle for reporting when you can have INSIGHT

What are INSIGHT Dashboards?

  • “The INSIGHT Dashboard provides a way to view all of your care information from a company, customer and a care worker level which means you have a better understanding of both your business and the care you provide."

Just a few examples of the benefits of the INSIGHT Dashboard

  • So if you wanted to see quickly what tasks are achieving what outcomes, there’s a clear view.
  • We’ve created INSIGHT so you can more easily spot the trends impacting your ability to deliver great care.
  • The word cloud is an excellent visual to quickly spot carers who need to improve their care notes.
  • You can track care activities given for customers which you can link to any issues in the outcomes so you can quickly adjust the care plan to meet the changing needs of your service users.
  • If you wanted to see how many activities your care workers are performing and you see straight away from the INSIGHT Dashboard if one member of staff is delivering a disproportionate amount of the care, which might indicate a training or quality issue to deal with. You can catch issues like this before they become crises.

What does INSIGHT cost?

  • The good news is that the INSIGHT Dashboards come free for those on our current pricing model. So, you get even more value from PASS without any added expense. It’s all part of your digital journey with everyLIFE and part of our ongoing commitment to building trust in care.
INSIGHT Dashboard

From 2014 to 20:20

2014: PASS changed how care could be delivered. For the first time ever, care workers were given the ability to see and update live, detailed information relating to the care of the individual receiving support. The sheer scope of this information – from personal preferences, medication details and outcome objectives to care plan instructions – was a first for the sector. The fact that PASS had made all of this available, in real time, on mobile devices, was truly transformational.

2015: This year saw hundreds of care providers implement PASS to ensure greater safety for their service users and staff, and improved efficiencies in their businesses. By this point, it had already become the most popular care management platform in the UK.

2016: PASS platform opens to roster providers, giving care businesses the freedom to choose their software partners and integrate their care planning solution with the roster provider of their choice. PASS extended care information transparency to family members, care professionals and commissioners with the launch of openPASS, another mobile first.

2017: PASS launches to the residential care space, challenging the traditional use of inefficient and insecure paper-based processes. Drawing on the skills of what is now the largest dedicated engineering team in the care technology sphere, PASS continues to develop ground-breaking functionality and grow its user-base. PASS is now established as the industry standard in mobile care management.

2018: A crucial part of everyLIFE’s immediate and ongoing focus this year, has been on managing risk, security and data management, helping customers to achieve corporate and regulatory compliance with all the security and real-time data auditing capability of modern care management software in the face of changing regulatory and legislative requirements.

And now, for 2019, we are excited to announce the launch of PASS 20:20 Edition with INSIGHT Dashboards. For the first time, we can now provide care managers with an even more detailed, clear vision and knowledge of their service users, their staff and their own businesses. Another transformational event in the delivery of care and advanced functionality from the future of care - available to care businesses now!

Furthermore, PASS 20:20 Edition is future-ready to seamlessly integrate further game-changing features and functionality that will continue to drive up care quality, while also meeting corporate and regulatory and compliance obligations, and keep care businesses safe, efficient and successful for the coming years.

Do you find yourself relying on an incomplete picture?

Incomplete, inaccurate or uninformative care notes can fill files and files, but do they serve any purpose in the real world?

Don’t let your vision get clouded – let the cloud be your vision! Read more…

How well do you really know Mrs Jones?

Everyone talks about personalisation in care but PASS’s INSIGHT dashboard is the first to deliver it. It is now possible to track progression along an outcomes-focussed journey and to do so in real time. This means that care may be commissioned and measured and paid for upon the basis of entirely subjective personal goals and preferences, rather than simply the number of minutes spent on site. Read more…

Need to manage multiple sites from a single view?

Our new INSIGHT dashboards allow you to monitor multiple offices effectively, helping you to decide what needs your attention most. Customise views to monitor your top performance criteria; cut out the leg-work; optimise your time management. Read more…

Prioritising quality of care not quantity of care

Relying on time and attendance software as your only software in your business is no longer enough. Care providers using digital care planning systems gain more Outstanding ratings for person-centred care than those using paper-based care plans. Can you afford not to consider these options? Would they help your business too? Read more…

Make better decisions faster

If you have ever felt uncomfortable trying to react quickly to a sensitive situation about which you were not completely informed, our new INSIGHT dashboards provide instant transparency of performance 24/7. Respond to and deal with issues before they become crises and evidence your corporate responsibilities with a clear rail of accountability. Read more…

What do you know about your care staff?

How do you find out if your carers are going that extra mile for your service users? How valuable would it be if you could see at a glance how each of your carers is helping customers to achieve their personalized outcomes? How valuable would it be if you could see instantly what percentage of care visits your staff started on time? How easy it is to see if your carers’ time is being assigned in the most consistent manner?

New INSIGHT dashboards provide the answers. Read more…

Commissioning quality of care not quantity of care

New INSIGHT dashboards bring your key performance credentials to the forefront. Make decisions more effectively with insightful, reliable and accurate information based on the quality of care being delivered rather than quantity of tasks being delivered. Read more…

Data-driven decisions run a proactive business, not a reactive business

The business of delivering quality care whilst returning an operating profit is a notorious juggling act and doing so at scale is even more tricky. This is all the more complicated because, at the delivery-end of the business, the care plan and the care record has always been completely paper-based. PASS transforms this scenario by bringing high-quality, accurate data to the mix and by doing so in real time. Our corporate clients all chose PASS to:

  • Deliver excellent care
  • Evidence their regulatory compliance
  • Simultaneously deliver a positive impact to their bottom line.

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PASS has proved completely intuitive to use, even for the least technical care assistant – a revelation.
Care ManagerHomecare ServicesRushmoor and Surrey Heath
My Supervisors no longer spend 65% of their time in the office typing up notes taken at assessment meetings – they do it once with the customer, and get it right from the outset. My Supervisors now spend 90% of their time out in the community – better care, improved support for care workers, and more assessments.
Care SupervisorChichester
We saw the service had made improved use of information through the implementation of PASS for assessing the quality of the service provided, including the consistency of care provided to individuals. PASS has the potential to provide the service with a greater range of information which can be utilised for Quality Assurance. This will include outcomes and tasks completed and missed. Operational statistics will include reviews and staff supervision as well as analysis of nutritional and hydration information entered by staff.
InspectorCare Inspectorate
The system reduces the time and cost of setting up care plans for patients going home from hospital by 50%. This has delivered a £20K saving to my bottom line.
Jane PerryOwnerBluebird CareEdinburgh
By listening carefully to the care industry, everyLIFE have developed a solution that greatly helps join up the provision of customer-centred care. They are on a mission to bring the much needed technical answers to the business challenges we are all facing. I very much look forward to seeing the new functionality they have in the next release and beyond.
Simon CarterMelody CareFarnham
I implemented PASS in three weeks and my customers are already seeing the benefits in quality of care.
Carolyn DaileyOwnerBluebird CareNewmarket and Fenland
It’s easy to use and with the training provided, all staff like the system. Any office implementing it will save a substantial amount of supervisor time.
Kristina BurbridgeBluebird CareWorthing
The whole process from initial enquiry to going live was quick, efficient and easy and the support we received from the team at everyLIFE was second to none. I would recommend PASS to any care company.
Mitchell JohnsonRapid Response Medical GroupCannock
A really important advance for care, PASS provides care notes and completion notes instantly so we can react immediately to missed medications and other urgent care alerts.
Tracie ScholesChoice CareBlackburn
Easy to use, extensively tested and developed by people that understand care, PASS is unique and robust at solving the critical challenges faced by the industry.
Kirsty JamesAttentive Care ExpertsBradford

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Reassuringly, repeatedly referenced by the CQC and Care Inspectorate, NHS cited and NICE compliant.

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Please watch this video to find out how owners Gary and Michelle Johnson have transformed their care business by using PASS.

Now, with the launch of the PASS 20:20 Edition in 2019, you don’t have to settle for reporting when you can have INSIGHT Dashboards that provide you with real-time monitoring of your business. Visit our PASS 20:20 Edition page to find out more. Saving money, creating happiness.

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